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Thought Leader, Consultant, Speaker, Researcher Gender Economics, Diversity Economics

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May 2012 – Present (7 months)

Susanne is developing the emerging field of Gender Economics and Diversity Economics, and is currently undertaking a Sociology Degree with a focus on Gender.  As part of this study, Susanne is conducting a research project on ‘The Profit Impact of Organisational Gender Diversity programs”.  She is currently developing a consulting practice around Gender Economics looking at the impact of gender policy on economies.  She is also Founder of the Changing Women Forum and is an advocate for the advancement of women in leadership.Developed the Diversity Program Review Framework measuring both the program’s standalone effectiveness from a program management perspective, and assesses the viability of program’s data for further research in Diversity Economics and as input into organisational profitability and sustainability creating the next generation of Business Transformation.

Susanne offers consulting in Diversity Economics, Gender Economics (gender neutrality) and Business Transformation using advanced thinking around innovation and the creation of diverse programs for thinking that link to tangible success measurements.

Gender Economics is an emerging field of study that builds on the theories of diversity and promotes the value of gender balance, particularly in the area of innovation and creativity. It recognizes the ‘direct input’ of women to the economy and extends the theory that the discipline of economics ”could be improved by freeing itself from masculine biases” (Ferber, Nelson 1993: 24).

Diversity Economics. Diversity Economics focuses on the organizational economics of diversity programs and follows the concepts of Economic Diversity, ”as a way to achieve economic stability” (Wagner 1993).

Susanne was the founding Director of a consulting company that specialized in project and program management and Business Transformation. As well as running this company, and managing consultant project managers, she personally managed a number of complex projects for her clients.

Susanne has a reputation for solving complex business problems through planning, strategy, design and implementation of workable solutions for her clients. Her strengths are building relationships through clear communication, the ability to accurately plan over a period of years and the negotiation of complex business outcomes.

Susanne started out in Finance and Administration doing large-scale billing reconciliation’s, writing policies for government and tackling fraud in government allowances whilst working on Financial projects.  Study in Applied Science, Computing led her to work as a consultant, project manager and outspoken commentator on outsourcing.  In 1997, she wrote the Integrity Management Methodology and started Synergy Management Solutions Pty Ltd.  Susanne closed her company in 2010 to concentrate on other areas of business and is currently studying for a Degree in Sociology.

An experienced speaker and thought leader, Susanne has been an outspoken commentator on issues around outsourcing, governance and project management.  She wrote ‘The Integrity Management Methodology™‘ in early 1997 as a way of seeing companies implement what they say they will do and increase business performance and transparency.

In July 2011, Susanne started the Changing Women forum to promote positive images, stories and strategies of real women.  In the near future, this forum will become a Foundation and think tank around gender issues in society and help to “change the world one woman at a time”.

Susanne is passionately interested in equality, equity, truth and justice and how these attributes can improve business performance through transforming business ideologies and shifting traditional business paradigms.

She is an articulate, professional, entertaining and thought provoking speaker.

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Thank you for visiting.  Susanne Moore

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  1. Hi, my name is Mohani and I’m a writer, activist and blogger from Malaysia. I love what you do, and was pleasantly delighted to have stumbled upon your blog. Keep up the good work.

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