Children in Church

I am looking to write an article about how different church/religions involve children in church. eg: in the Catholic church children are taken into the mass with their parents but for Anglican services there is Sunday school. I am looking to interview leaders in all religions to find out the rationale behind these different ways of incorporating children in church.


3 thoughts on “Children in Church

  1. We involve our children in our church as much as possible. 2nd Sunday is Youth Sunday and the children are responsible for reading the scripture, holding the baskets for offering, ushering, singing and even serve dinner. They really enjoy the freedom that we give them and have learned a lot.

    1. Hi Mamareese, thank you so much for your comment, it is very much appreciated. Could I ask what religion you represent? I am very interested in understanding how each church, and or religion integrates children into their church. I mean the services as well as the church communit as you have described in your comment. What is the rationale behind these decisions. For example: the Catholic church doesn’t have a Sunday School but children are welcomed into the services. Given some of the Catholic thinking around contraception and abortion – I am wondering if this plays out in this decision to have them very visable in the church during mass. Another example is a Christain Science Church which has a Sunday School where children and teens go until they reach young adulthood. I am trying to get behind the policies to understand how different church’s “value” these young minds and how this “value” effects the part that children play in the church. If you would rather not comment in detail online, could I contact you via your email to discuss further? Susanne

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