Further on Young girls dressing like 31 year olds

Since I published my recent blog post about the young girls at the swimming pool dressing like cheap 31 year olds – it has been interesting to see how people have searched and found the item.  I have only received a couple of comments via this blog or via Facebook on this post, but more interesting than the comments are the search terms that people have used and have led them to read the post in the first place.  Here are a couple of examples;

  • young girls dress more adult for attention
  • how do i dress my 12 year old girl that has large breasts
  • how should a 31 year old dress

So this says to me that there are parents out there searching for better ways of dressing their teenage girls and other parents that are worried about how to dress them appropriately for their age that these parents are searching for answers on the internet.  Clearly, there are even adult’s out there who are worried about how they should dress so maybe this is a call for guidance and leadership in this area of female fashion?


2 thoughts on “Further on Young girls dressing like 31 year olds

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