Just a ramble about life

So much to write about, so much to say that I think that I just need to ramble about a few things that come to mind just off the top of my head.  So excuse me if this little ramble is nothing too much, it’s not the greatest piece of writing that you will see this side of the next century, it just is.

I am sitting watching “Living in the Sun” a show about Brits moving to Spain to start a new life in the sun.  I love this show, I find it fascinating.  Coming from Australia where it is always so warm, I understand the Brits wanting to be in the sun but I don’t know how they do it!  It looks so hot and in many parts just so barren and bare, but they think that it is fantastic.  This show generally shows two types of people; the first being the ones that have a plan and are successful and the second type are the ones that are just searching for something better.  They have an idea of what they want, but maybe it isn’t grounded in reality and it is these people who generally go home at the end of the show still searching for their dream.  I love to see the way that some people are so successful right off the bat.  They go there with a plan, they find the place that’s right for them and then they start their businesses; and most of them are successful.  It’s not all easy, mostly its hard work and set backs but the successful ones hang in and stay committed to their plan.

It seems to me that there is so much searching going on.  So many people looking for that something that will make a difference in their lives and give them some purpose for going on.  Maybe there is so much more searching than there ever was before and maybe that is because we all have so much more time to “enjoy ourselves” and reap the benefits of our success.  I know that we are probably busier now than we ever used to be and certainly people are working longer hours and travelling greater distances for their work, but at the same time we don’t have to do the manual work that people had to do fifty or a hundred years ago.  We don’t wash our clothes by hand, we have dishwashers and hosts of labour-saving household appliances to make life easier.  We don’t toil in the garden to grow our own vegetables and we don’t harvest and prepare food the way are grandparents did so why are we still so busy?  Why are so many of us still searching for meaning in our life, for our purpose, for our place?  With so many things saving us time, why don’t we invest some of this time in understanding what is the true meaning of our life?

I think for most of us, it is because we are frightened, yes frightened of knowing the truth.  The truth about ourselves, about the world and about our place in the world – our purpose.  Think about it.  When you hear super successful people talk about their lives they always say that they are “passoniate”about what they do – they love what they do.  Do you hear that and think to yourself:  “yes but they are just lucky”, or “I wish I could find a job like that too”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you do, I did but I don’t anymore because now I know that to be like that and find your passion, and follow it, you need to step out of the life that you are now in, and this is really hard and most of us won’t do it.  We don’t do it because we fear.  We fear that we can’t do it or that we will fail…. or that we will be successful.  Yes this last one is the big one and it is the one that I have feared.  Sounds mad doesn’t it?  Image if you were wildly successful.  Image that you would need to work really hard, you would need to interact with many people and maybe you would need to lead others at the forefront of change?  You see yourself in this success, and then doubt sets in and you wonder what you would do if you got to that point and then you couldn’t do it, and then you failed.  The truth is, that success can be scary and it can be hard.  It can be rewarding as well, but it can also be lonely.  You outgrow many of your friends and often your own family doesn’t recognise you and come along for the journey preferring to talk about how much of a “wanker” you are or how “much you have changed”.  In fact, many of them never knew you in the first place.  If they did, they wouldn’t be at all surprised that you have “made it” or that you are “following your dream”.  They can become dishevelled by your success because your success reminds them of the fear that they have that stops them finding their purpose, their place and their special success so best to talk a lot about other things and stay busy and just blot it out.

And that what I think that most of us do.  We blot out the good, the messages about ourselves and our true purpose.  We blot it out with busyness and noise but it lurks beneath and every now and again it pops up to the surface and then we feel regret and feel loss and sadness at the things that we had forgotten, now lost under the surface of us until we don’t know who we are anymore.

Somehow you need to find a way to put the fear aside, to stop the talk and the talking around you, to stop the noise and the doing busyness and listen….and listen…and listen until you hear yourself, the god inside you speaking to the real you that just is, and has, and does, and just be yourself.


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