The car washer, the little child and the man in the pickup truck

Hmmm, what can I say?  Walking home this afternoon from the station I saw a particularly interesting sight.   My walk home involves a walk down a narrow lane way to the path through the park and then on to my street.  Sometimes there are cars parked in the lane way, it is very narrow and only the width of one car wide so you always have to squeeze past anyone parked there.

As I entered the lane way today, I noticed a man sitting in a pick up (ute) truck so I walked to the right hand side (the driver’s side.).  As I got closer I noticed that there was another car parked in front and a woman in her early 30’s washing the car.  I guessed it was her car and that she was one of the residents of the houses on each side of the lane way and that was how she washed her car.  So far not interesting, right?

As I passed the man I noticed him looking intently at the woman, who at this time had her back to him busy bending over washing her car.  Thing was, she had a very short dress on that you would wear around the house and as she bent over both myself and the pickup driver had a full view of her red underwear covered bottom.  My guess was that the pick up driver was enjoying this scene but for me, well I just thought – “that’s not something that I would do”.  She seemed completely unaware of the man’s presence.

The car she was washing was one of those large four-wheel drives and the lane way is on a slope, so it was parked facing the slope, so downhill.  As I walked past her car, and to my surprise, I saw a little boy standing in front of the car.  He was not more than 18 months old and was busy playing at the front of the car.  He was so small that he was easy to miss almost under the bumper bar of the her car.  Of course, you might say – “well she must have had the brake on and well, the car is unlikely to go anywhere”.  True, maybe – but again, it’s not what I would do.  All the while, the woman seemed unaware of the child, of the man, of her bottom being shown to the world and me walking past.

She was relying on the pickup driver’s car staying put,  she was relying on her car staying put and she was relying on this child staying put.  If her car had of moved the child would have been run over.  Either myself or the pick up driver could have picked up the child and taken off with him before the woman even noticed.  It never ceases to amaze me what people do…the level of non-thinking in the world seems to be getting worse.


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