The ‘super high heels’ are all on sale! – a trend that didn’t take off….

Some time ago I wrote a post, “Have you seen yourself in those heels?” about the emerging fashion trend of the “Super High Heel”, that is: heels that are over 6 inches high.   Many of these super high heels reached a staggering 9 inches and were worn by celebrities and top models whilst being touted as the absolute ‘latest, must have fashion‘.  Apart from being extremely dangerous and expensive, these heels are very difficult to walk in.  Regardless of the difficulty,  I saw many a young women hobbling along whilst trying to navigate the streets in towering heels, dogging potholes, street grates and other people’s toes all in the name of looking good.

I thought that the heels looked OK whilst the person was standing still – but when they started walking in them….well, they just didn’t look good.  In fact, I thought that the heels made the wearer look pretty silly.  Very few women could stand up straight in them whilst walking and, instead, ended up looking like an aged chicken trying to get their feet out of very sticky mud.

So if the amount of super high heels now on sale is anything to go by, the fashion trend just didn’t take off.  Store after store, rack after rack of ‘super’ discounted super high heels.  Maybe most women realised that it was just a case of the “Emperors New Clothes” and didn’t succumb to the marketing hype.  What makes someone design something like this anyway?  Were any of the designers women and did they have any thought the the health risk of the shoes?  Maybe the design was actually a joke?  Picture a couple of men sitting in a room a year or so ago, and one says to the other,

“wouldn’t it be funny to see if we could sell something that was completely unwearable?  What a challenge, how can we do it?  If we made it look like it was just the absolute must have fashion item and got all the celebrities to wear it, then it might be possible?  Women will buy anything. What a laugh it would be to try”.

They tried it, but it didn’t work.  We weren’t fooled.


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