Status Update on my Research – October 2012

Since starting this research, I have received a lot of support and interest from many people. I really appreciate the support and assistance I have received so I thought I would keep those of you that are interested updated on my progress. There are 5 phases in the research project and I am currently in Planning (Phase 1) and Identification (Phase 2) phases of the yearlong project. If you would like more information regarding the deliverables for each, please let me know.

One of the most important outcomes is that I completed the academic proposal on time and received a Credit mark, thanks to the input of many of you. Your attendance at the focus groups was invaluable. That initial academic proposal underwent considerable review and rework after having feedback from a commercial organisation. You might notice that there is a slight change of name in the project title, this was suggested by one of the focus group attendees. I now have a Generic Commercial version of the proposal that I use to send out to organisations when required in order to secure funding or other means of support for the research. This is a fully costed version, including the updated literature review.

As part of Phase 2, I am working on the Diversity Program Review Framework and expect to have this completed in the next two weeks. This is an important part of the research, as it will allow me to look at the viability of in-flight diversity programs and provides an assessment framework to evaluate the extent and completeness of an organisations data. This framework will allow the research team to look at potential linkage areas and get a feel for the effectiveness of Gender Diversity Programs by using a combination of survey instruments and program review techniques. It will also provide an impartial assessment to organisations that have in-flight Gender Diversity Programs.

I have created a Group on LinkedIn called Gender Economics where we can discuss the broader research concepts. I have also created a sub group called Diversity Economics where I will be reporting some of the outcomes of the research as they come to hand. I do hope you will join one of these groups, follow the progress of the research and join the discussion. You also find additional information about Gender Economics at .

I will be scheduling a Focus Group around the end of November to present the Diversity Review Framework for comments, so please let me know if you would be interested in attending.

Thank you again for your support, your assistance, your interest and your well wishes.



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