Diversity Program Review Framework

As part of my study into the “Profit Impact of Organisational Gender Diversity Programs”, I am developing a Diversity Program Review Framework during my Identification Phase which is Phase 2 of the 5 project phases.

Here is some information on the current Phase;

2. Identification

Example tasks include;

  • Identify all available metrics, benchmarks, targets, quotas and program deliverables
  • Identification of existing and planned frameworks within Diversity and Inclusion programs including, employee self service, human resource policy, financial measurements
  • Identify program reviews for effectiveness and suitability for linking to business benefits
  • MAJOR OUTPUTA Diversity Program Review Framework, measuring both the program’s standalone effectiveness from a program management perspective, and assesses the viability of program’s data for further research

The Framework and the resulting reviews are vitally important to the research and I am looking for organisation’s that would be interested in allowing me to trial the review framework with them within the next couple of weeks.

The major review dimension’s are;

  1. Program Management Capability
  2. Cultural Integration and Acceptance (subsets here are Gender, Age, ethnicity, etc)
  3. Organisational (vision, strategy)
  4. Innovation
  5. Performance against benchmarks

These tie into the “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World” (O’Mara, J, Richter, A 2011) with some additional detail that I am adding as a result of my research so far.

Once the trial is completed I will be offering the Reviews as a consulting service to help fund the remainder of the research.

Please contact me using the Contact form if you or your organisation may be interested in participating in this research.

“Diversity Program Review Framework”, “Gender Economics” and “Diversity Economics” copyright Susanne Moore 2012

See more about Gender Economics and Diversity Economics at www.gendereconomics.com

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