Channel 9 Australia puts complainers through to a recorded message!

I have rung Channel 9 now twice to complain firstly about Days of Our Lives being replaced with The Block without notice and the second time to complain about the way the first call was handled.  

The first time I called, without any notice I was immediately transferred to a recorded message about Days being replaced by the Block as soon as I mentioned Days of Our Lives,  In fact I am not sure I even got the whole thing out!  I was actually ringing to tell them that it would have been nice to have had some notice after yesterday’s how, although I recognise that they might have last minute changes.

I rang again to complain about the way my first call was handled – so disrespectful, and on the second call the girl on the other end was really annoyed. Such a lack of care for your loyal audience to just put this on without notice and to then treat people who wish to complain with a recorded message is disgusting. I suppose you think it is just a bunch of little old ladies at home watching so it doesn’t matter?  You might think that those of us that watch the odd bit of Days during the day are losers anyway so why does it matter?  Well for me, after working really hard all day, my brain needed some urgent down time and I thought a cup of tea and the mind numbing Days would do the trick so on goes the tellie.

Channel 7 tried this tactic to introduce new shows during times when they had built up a following with another show and it is really disgusting.  I think that they did it during “Desperate Housewife‘s” to introduce the next show.  I don’t even know what the next one was now as all this tactic does for me to stops me watching the new show on principal.

The big issue for me here is that the mechanism to complain via telephone (or get information) was not open to me.  The second girl spoke over the top of me, didn’t want to let me finish and kept threatening to put me on hold, telling me to get to the point!  As soon as she answered this was what I was trying to get out.  “Don’t transfer me to the automated message when (interrupts and I start again), I mention Days of Our life (interrupts and tells me to get to the point!), but the way that my call was” (she says here is the address for complaints and starts telling me without waiting for me to get a pen), and then, she says ” I will put you on hold!”.  At that point I hung up and contacted Free TV Australia.

What is most upsetting in all of this is that you can’t get to speak to one of our major broadcasters about their customer service – not to mention their programing decisions.  Disgusting.

So here we have a major media influencer in Channel 9, and they are so hard to get to someone with a compliant that it really says to me that they have little regard for regulation or their audience.  What other business would treat you like this and get away with it?

Go here to complain using the Free TV Australia website.


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