Capgemini Women on the Value of Gender Diversity

From the Capgemini‘s Women in Management, Spotlight on Women in Management.

The presentation asks, “How important is Gender Diversity to Capgemini?” and the various responses from the women interviewed include;

* “It brings different perspectives that are invaluable”
* “Customers can identify with us”
* “Gender Diversity is definitely a business need”

I think it is important to note that whilst many of these responses could apply to both males and females, what is valuable is that these women can articulate what Gender Diversity brings to the organisation and why it is important. The strong message is that “diversity”, or diversity of thought is the key to increased business and personal performance, and I would argue it is also the key to sustainability, innovation and harmonious work environments.

The presentation asks, “How can women give Capgemini and edge”? and the responses from the group include;

* ‘Women have the ability for increasing client intimacy and understanding’, helping clients to feel that the organisation is more inclusive and responsive to their needs. Research has suggested that improvements in client satisfaction is strongly linked to employee satisfaction and potentially this ability for understanding translates through work groups where the organisation is inclusive and diverse.
* ‘Women have the ability to work with different cultures‘,
* ‘They are more conclusive’,
* ‘They are more intuitive, they take more co-operative positions and offer more pragmatic solutions’.

These last two bullet points could hold the key to the previous statement that ‘women have the ability to work [more effectively] with different cultures’ by being more inclusive, intuitively recognising difference between cultural boundaries and being able to offer co-operative rather than combative or competitive solutions.

For Capgemini, The Statistics Tell the Story

“In 2003, 8.5% of Capgemini UK’s Vice Presidents were women; today, that number has risen to just over 17%.
In 2005, 46% of those accepted on Capgemini UK’s consultancy graduate scheme were women, and the proportion of women in senior management positions continues to grow.
In 2007, 23% of newly promoted vice presidents at Capgemini were women.
In 2007, monthly business periodical Journal des Enterprises noted the strong female presence in top management at Capgemini France’s Montbonnot center.”


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