Don’t think its not happening just because you are OK

rape in the fields imageI speak to so many young women in the corporate world that continue to tell me there is no issue with equality and that they don’t see any discrimination in their workplace. Often times, what they say to me is actually a reinforcement of discrimination directed at women and they don’t even recognize what they have said.  These women are isolated from the real world in their comfy cosy corporate jobs and high paid salaries and seem to have little connection to the real world of struggling to pay bills, living on a parents pension and having little support or people to turn to in times of need.  In many cases and I can tell you from my experience and the experience of others that unforeseen circumstances (including Domestic Violence) can plunge you into a position of vulnerability that decreases your level of influence and decision making ability.  Once there it is extremely hard to get yourself back on top, even with an education, good contacts and some financial security

A recent article by PBS‘ Frontline, “Rape in the Fields (of America)”, 25 June 2013 talks about the issues that many female farm workers in America have to deal with on a daily basis just to earn a living.  Many are subjected to rape, sexual innuendo and violence whilst they are trying to go about the working day.  These are hard working low income workers who are trying to improve the lot for their families, yet have to struggle against workplace abuse that many young women in Australia  have no concept of, and let’s hope, never have to confront.  There is a saying that some people are more equal than others and this certainly is the case for women, even when comparing yourself to another women for example, the circumstances are often so different that you wonder if you are on the same planet.

Just because it’s not happening to you, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.  If your life took a change for the worst wouldn’t you want someone aware of the injustices to help you fight for your freedom?

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