Your invitation to attend the Gender Economics Global Conference

Susanne Moore

Susanne Moore

Thank you to all of you that read my blog and have supported me in my journey to change the world and develop the field of Gender Economics.

As part of this work, I along with others have planned the first Global Gender Economics Conference and I would like to invite you to attend this conference in Sydney June 10-11, 2014.  Early Bird Registrations are now open at the following link,

Gender Economics is a new field of study that looks at the way that economic policy is formed and how this flows through to business and society.  By looking at things differently, we will create sustainable and positive change and the conference will work to uncover new discourses to existing issues and through the Centre for Gender Economics (C4GE) develop positive and practical solutions for business.

I am working with conference organisers of similar conferences around the world to get a ‘Global Message Relay’ happening were we share a common theme and work towards addressing common issues at each conference and then passing that information across to the next conference to pick up where they left off.  Creating a database of valuable information that we can all benefit from and ultimately one that creates new discourses for change.


“Productive discourse requires certain fundamental understanding that can shape and inform the conversation.  Solving the problem of gender inequity requires that we understand how economic and organisational ‘barriers’ arose.  These barriers were created over time — they rose up over generations — and, now, it is time to take a fresh look and ask ourselves if these barriers are holding all of us back.  Greater gender parity enables economic and organizational innovation, improved corporate financial performance and stronger, more sustainable communities.

Gender Economics combines practical and positive business experience with academic research.  This approach reveals the root cause creating and sustaining barriers to women’s economic empowerment.  With this knowledge, practical and implementable tools can be developed and deployed so organizations, men and women can share in the economic development of our shared society only for themselves but for their families and communities.”

We are looking for sponsors for this important event.  You can ‘donate’ on this blog site if you would like to support the conference, every small amount will help to further the research and set up the Centre for Gender Economics and the conference.


WHERE:  Sydney Australia June 10-11, 2014 at the University of NSW Kensington Campus, a short bus ride from the centre of the city and 5 to 10 minutes from Sydney international airport by taxi.

The Gender Economics Global Conference, June 10-11 2014, Sydney Australia covers the areas of POLICY, INVESTMENT, ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH.

This is a working conference and combines a blend of practitioner, business case study and academic research to ‘unpick’ how economic policy is constructed and how it affects gender.  It will look at how the current economic and business strategies influences gendered decision-making and will provide real life examples of how Gender Economics can provide practical solutions for business.

Although the economic empowerment of women is an important part of the conference, it should not be seen as a ‘Women’s Conference’ as Gender Economics is gender neutral and looks at both the positive and negative impacts of gendered decision-making and how this affects all gendered identities.  By understanding how economic and organisational ‘barriers’ to equality have been created, we have a better chance of developing new discourses for solutions.

The Conference is the first activity of the Centre for Gender Economics (C4GE), promoting Gender Economics as an emerging field of study that builds on the theories of diversity and promotes the value of gender balance, particularly in the area of innovation and creativity.  The Centre for Gender Economics has the following aims;

1) To be the repository for research and information on Gender Economics, and

2) To turn this data into practical actions and programs for business, communities and policy makers in a form that is user friendly and easily applied by business to enhance performance and innovation.

 “Gender Economics is about “dissecting and creating a new discourse around economic theory that fuses Economics, Gender and Sociology” (Susanne Moore 2013)

The Gender Economics Global Conference has the following aims;

•             To raise awareness of the emerging field of Gender Economics by linking current gender issues with academic and case study (field) research;

•             To challenge current economic theory, broadening the conversation to encompasses sociological complexities currently at play in society – ie: to deconstruct economic policy, reconstructing it in a manner that allows us to develop rational and objective tracks for further research;

•             To highlight concrete ways that diversity (Diversity Economics) can be a positive impact on economics, and to commence discussions on proactive solutions for measuring this impact;

•             To ensure that the discussion is gender neutral and provides open discourses for inclusion of all genders to further proactive and positive conversations about Gender Economics in the wider community

You can find out more on the website at or you can contact me directly at susanne@gendereconomics.


Susanne Moore

Founder, C4GE


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