Why hasn’t diversity hit its full potential? Making you workplace Diverse Friendly

The Problem

“Gender parity in the workplace will not be achieved for 81 years at the current rate of progress.

According to the report, the gender gap for economic participation and opportunity now stands at 60 per cent worldwide, up 4 percent from 2006 when the World Economic Forum first started measuring it.

Based on this trajectory, with all else remaining equal, it will take 81 years for the world to close this gap completely unless action is taken.”

(World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap Report 2014)

Susanne Moore of The Centre for Gender Economics discusses some reasons why, including;

  • Australia, like many countries is ‘re-masculinising’ – returning the status quo to ‘traditional’ values
  • Increased barriers to women are forming and many women are buying into them, fighting for them without understanding the real issues. ‘meritocracy’, the discussion on quotas and targets is just clouding the real issues – making excuses for inaction
  • We are still trying to make women fit into a male designed structure, economy and political system
  • Women need to stand up and do more, question, question and question
  • All those lovely diversity programs often don’t address the underlying issues and make structural changes, eg; banking and lending criteria’s, public service structures that inhibit diversity and performance
  • ‘Women whining’ – men who are incredulous that they have ‘given’ women opportunities but (seemingly), these women just keeping complaining
  • The continued focus on high performers and leadership skews the perception of change and the masks any real solutions

For more information or to contact Susanne to speak at your Conference or Organisation, contact her at susanne.moore@ambidio.com.au


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