Consulting Services

Ambidio is the consulting arm of The Centre for Gender Economics helping organisations to question, think and question some more about traditional business paradigms. Ambidio offers the following services;

** The New BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION consulting – reframing strategies for organisational performance levering Complexity (Diversity) and agility (flexibility) using the concepts of Gender Economics and Moore’s Model of Organisational Diversity (2012)
** DPRF* CULTURAL ASSESSMENTS including Diversity &Inclusion Consulting leverages our Innovation and Performance methodologies to create organisations with a high Diversity Capability**
** PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (PPP) strategy, design and implementation of large scale programs including business and ICT
** INNOVATION METHODOLOGY using our 5 step Innovation Methodology – recommended for Senior Executives and CEO’s
** PERFORMANCE – this module helps organisations to think differently about their current structures and practices to see how they can create that ‘competitive edge’.
** LEADERSHIP AND VISIONING – we can provide Leadership training, coaching and mentoring programs and help your leaders create a vision for a new future using our Gender Economics consulting and data from the DPRF* Cultural Assessments and research from The Centre for Gender Economics
** STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT for all of the above or individual requirements

Clients include, Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development, the Diversity Leadership Alliance, AMMA, Caterpillar, BHP Billiton to name a few

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