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    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your questions. I will respond to each one of them as I get time so please bear with me as I need to do this in between my other activities, and for some of your questions I will need to do some research so the answer may take a little longer. Thanks for your interest.

  1. According to Jane Clare Jones, Breivik believes that ‘the degeneration of our civilisation is intimately linked to an epidemic of sexually transmitted disease and “emotionalism”. Indeed, the danger of women’s “unnatural” demand for equality is such that Breivik closes his introduction by claiming that “the fate of European civilisation depends on European men steadfastly resisting Politically Correct feminism”.’

    Do you disagree? If so, why?

    1. Of course I disagree with this statement, “Indeed, the danger of women’s “unnatural” demand for equality”. The issue with the statement is it is not unnatural for all human’s, and women happen to be human, to want to have equal and free choice. Pretty basic.

  2. How does gender diversity in the workplace make work more efficient and society cohesive?

    Is it not the case that totalitarian laws are required to compel employers into hiring women who will at some point in their reproductive lives get pregnant, give birth and want maternity leave?

    Is it not the case that if women are to have maternity leave, sooner or later men will also be asking for paternity leave in the name of gender equality?

    Do you not see this phenomenon as making the cost of hiring labour in the West prohibitively expensive to business if not actually financially ruinous?

    Is this the reason why so much work is now being outsourced to India and the Far East – work that Western workers could easily do themselves?

  3. Feminism causes women to be as promiscuous as men and gives men the excuse to be as cowardly, hypocritical, irrational and capricious as women. Feminism is therefore destructive, immoral, irrational and evil.

    Do you disagree? If so, why?

    1. Claire, I think the way that both men and women behave is a result of freedom of choice and the ability to think for yourself and make your own choices. Any individual can choose to be promiscuous they same as they can choose to be cowardly, hypocritical or irrational those attributes are not gender specific. What is an issue is the double standard that some in society apply when something like promiscuity for example is OK for men (and in fact can be encouraged) but it is not OK for women. This mode of thinking is basically saying that there needs to be large numbers of ‘pure women’ out there for men to have sex with in order to satisfy the premise, and that is not equality, respect of valuing of each others rights.

    1. Hi Claire, firstly I don’t think that it is up to men to ‘give their permission’ for women to do anything. Women are not children to be ‘told’ and scolded by a man, they are humans just as men are and have the ability to discern right from wrong. I can’t see how a man would be ‘in the power’ of a women unless they give over their power. All men and women are responsible for how they feel, this is the one power we all have equally.

      I find it interesting that you say “in the power of their women” like these women are the man’s property and not an equal so perhaps you ultimately don’t believe that you are equal to men. If someone male or female wants to behave like a ‘slut’, then that is ultimately up to them but I think maybe you are alluding to a much deeper issue. Perhaps it goes back to the ‘Eve Sin’ and the belief that Adam was tempted by Eve and therefore eve, and all future women are evil and men can’t be expected to control themselves when women overtly display their sexuality. I think that a terrible way of thinking about both Adam and Eve and that view has set all men up to fail and all women to be punished and that it not the God that I know. I believe that men have every ability to be strong and upright, to be just and to be fair and to be man enough to know and accept that the other half of the human race, women are just as equal as they are. Men can choose their own actions, the tempted by women reasoning is just an excuse for poor judgement.

      I also don’t know where it is that feminism says its ‘ok for women to be sluts’. I think this might be your own moral value judgement speaking. I think feminism says that it is ok for women to choose and to be in charge of their own sexuality that doesn’t mean at all feminists or all women are sluts if they follow that ideology. It means that they can and should be aware of themselves and to be able (or have the right to) to choose how they express their sexuality.

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