Miss Representation – A Film you must see!

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11

This is a really important film with some very important messages for all of us.  This is the link to the film’s trailer and it is worth a look, for the sake of yourself and your children – get familiar with what the media is doing to gender stereotypes and how powerful the message is already.  Don’t let it get any more powerful – educate yourself and your children and your work mates about the “gender economy”

Scary, women continue to be seen commodities and consumers to indirectly stimulate the economy and raise revenue instead of directly being able to input into the economy.  There is a huge resource out there now untapped and trapped by insecurities about self, sex appeal, look and what it is to be a women.  It has become my mission to try to discuss some of this through my www.changingwomen.org website but sadly, very few younger women think that there is even a problem with equality, thinking that they already have it!  Whereas the other women, like me still remember the struggle of even only 30 years ago not being able to get a car loan without your husband’s consent (even when working yourself and them not!) so it is like we are pushing “it” up hill and that is among our own gender!  I have found it difficult to get younger women to even recognise that they are being discriminated against, or put down in front of their work mates and friends by their  work males, their brothers and partners.  In many ways we have gone backwards and not forwards and the constant message of the media as in this video continually reinforces the messages of us needing to “be this or that”.  We must make a difference here!


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